IELTSライティングTask 2 サンプル解答#4


Topic Question

In many countries today people are choosing to have fewer children.

Why is this the case?

What are the effects of this trend in society?


Nowadays, more people prefer to have fewer children as living expenses are costly. This situation is having negative impacts on society in that the number of working-age population decreases and it is leading to an aging society.

Financial security is getting tighter these days because of the higher cost of living. In education alone, the total tuition fee per child is at least 100,000 US dollars in Japan according to the statistics. If it is a private school, the fee could be twice or three times higher. Japanese parents want the best education for their children, but they cannot afford to pay the fees when they have two or more children.

A serious issue due to this situation is fewer working-age citizens and a more aging population. The direct impact we have on society is the social welfare system. In Japan, the younger generation supports the senior citizens for their pensions and medical insurance. However, due to the shortage of working-age people, the amount of pension is expected to be lower in the future. The burden to the payment of medical care will also increase. Indeed, the policymakers have already passed the law that the percentage of payment to medical care for those who are over 75 years old increases from 10% to 20%.

It is apparent that people nowadays tend to choose a smaller family due to the high cost of living. As a result of the low birth rate, there is the issue of an increasingly aging population, which leads society to become more fragile in terms of the social welfare system.

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Topic Questionの議題は、「いくつかの国々では、子供をあまり多く持ちたがらない傾向がある。」というものです。

それに対して、【①理由】「なぜこうした状況が起きているのか?(Why is this the case?)」、【②影響】「こうした傾向(少子化)が社会に与える影響(effects)は何があるか?」を問いています。

いつものように、Introduction→Body 1→Body 2→Conclusionという文章構成で書いていきます。


〇Body 1・・・IELTSでは、確実にTopic Questionに答える必要があります。ここでは、「Why is this the case? (どうしてこういう状況になっているの?)」と聞かれているので、これに対する回答をBody 1に書きます。私は、「昨今、生活費の高騰が家計を圧迫している状況がある。子供にかかる養育費も、特に良い教育を受けさせようと思うと平均の倍以上の出費になるため、結果的に多くの子どもを育てるのは家計的に厳しいのではないか。」というものです。

〇Body 2・・・次に、「What are the effects of this trend in the society?(少子化の社会への影響は?)」という問いに対する答えです。私の回答は、少子化→生産年齢人口減少→高齢化→社会保障制度が脆弱になるという流れになっています。

〇結論・・・イントロ、Body 1&2の流れを踏まえての結論です。基本的には結論で新しい論点を出すと言うよりは、イントロ・Body 1・2の論点を要約して、まとめるということをしています。


・working-age population 生産年齢人口

・aging society 高齢化社会

・tuition fee 授業料

・social welfare system 社会福祉制度

・policy maker 政策立案者(政治家)

・birth rate 出生率