IELTSライティングTask 2 サンプル解答#5


Topic Question

In some cultures, children are often told that they can achieve anything if they try hard enough.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of giving children this message?

(出典:IELTS 15 Cambridge)


It has been told in some countries that children can make any wishes come true if they put a lot of effort into succeeding at their goals. There is an advantage to this message as it can motivate children to pursue their goals and dreams. However, some people would say that this message is so unrealistic that it misleads children about their futures.

To have a dream is very important. The message above delivers positive mindsets to children, so it will help children have faith that they can be anything if they work hard. Indeed, achieving goals takes a lot of time and ups and downs, and children need to be patient enough to make it happen. With this encouraging message, children may not give up on their dreams and try harder to achieve them, eventually leading them to be mature and responsible for what they do as human beings.

The opposite side might be that this unrealistic message may mislead children about their futures. For example, parents might say to children that “you can be a professional baseball player if you try hard.” And, children may push themselves hard to play well, but they might find it very dull to play baseball, and that trying-hard-process might be just like torture for them. Sometimes, it could be better for children to try many things and find what they want, but that strong message may make children feel pressured and only focus on achieving goals. Hence, the message should be more realistic and have some flexibility.

Even though this positive message can give children hope and mindsets of being positive and patient, it can be taken as unrealistic, too, which may mislead children and put them under pressure.

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Topic Question:「ある文化において、子どもは”一生懸命努力すれば何でも達成することができる”と教わるが、このメッセージが子どもに与える良い点と悪い点は何か」


〇Body 1:メッセージが子どもに与える利点です。ポジティブなメッセージのおかげで子どもは前向きに努力することができ、責任感のある、成熟した大人に成長するのではないかと述べています。

〇Body 2:メッセージが子どもに与える欠点です。努力すれば何でも達成できるというメッセージは、時に子どもにプレッシャーを与え、例え自分が好きなことでなくても取り組まなくてはならないという苦痛を伴う場合がある。子どもは自分のやりたいことを見つける方が重要で、メッセージはもっと現実的で柔軟なものになるべきではないかと論じています。

〇結論(要約):Body 1とBody 2で述べた内容を短くまとめて結論としています。


・put effort into~ ~するよう努力する

・ups and downs 浮き沈み

・give up on~ ~を断念する

・mature 成熟した

・push oneself hard 懸命に努力する(自分を駆り立てる)

・torture 苦痛