IELTSライティングTask 2 サンプル解答#3


Topic Question

Some people say that advertising is extremely successful at persuading us to buy things. Other people think that advertising is so common that we no longer pay attention to it.

Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.


Thanks to rapid technological advancement, advertising has become more and more efficient that it targets the intended customers accurately and it attracts more people to buy things. Some people, however, find advertising exaggerated and are reluctant to purchase products because of it. I personally think that advertising sometimes fails to introduce products with accuracy, which sometimes makes me pay less attention to it.

There are many kinds of advertisements, and especially, the digital advertisements are getting popular these days. These advertisements in search engines such as Google are very famous. The advertisements there are customized automatically to the preferences of users, so they have more chances to pique the interests of potential customers. For example, if people are on diets, they tend to search for diet-related products on Google, and these products are most likely to pop up in the form of advertisements, too. Such targeted advertisements prompt customers to buy things and will lead to an increase in sales.

On the other hand, exaggeration in advertising can have negative effects on potential customers. Since the literacy of people with regard to advertising has been improved, there are people who can discern the difference between good and bad advertisements. For example, the advertisements of English-learning materials are ubiquitous in Japan and one of them says people can improve their speaking skills through only listening to recordings. The company attracts many people through its advertising with the appearance of celebrities for its promotion, but some people can easily find it very exaggerated and doubt the efficacy of the product. This may mislead potential customers and even damage the reputation of the company.

Although advertising becomes more effective due to technological advancement, there are still many advertisements which are exaggerated and even misleading customers. In my opinion, we need to get back to the essence of advertisements that are informing us about products accurately and reaching potential customers effectively, which will lead to an increase in sales eventually.


Topic Quesitonは、「広告が消費者の購買意欲を刺激するのに非常に有効だと考える人がいる一方で、広告に一切関心を示さない人もいる。この二つの観点について論じ、自分の意見を述べよ。」という問題です。

  • 序文:最初に、このエッセイの要約となる文章を持ってきています。①広告がデジタル化によって精度を上げている。②ただ、過剰な宣伝によりかえって購買意欲を失わせる場合もある。③自分は②に近い意見を持っている。
  • Body 1:①の広告がデジタル化によって精度を上げているについて、具体例を交えて論じています。
  • Body 2:②の過剰な宣伝によりかえって購買意欲を失わせるについて、具体例を交えて論じています。
  • 結論:文章のまとめです。要約と自分の意見を持って最後に締めています。


・be reluctant to ~ ~する気が進まない

・pique one’s interest ~の興味をかき立てる

・discern~ ~を見分ける

・ubiquitous あらゆる所に存在する

・efficacy 有効性(Vaccine efficacy ワクチンの有効性、などにも使われます)