IELTSライティングTask 2 サンプル解答#13

IELTSのサンプル解答です。筆者はIELTSライティングで7.0以上の取得を目指して勉強しています。特にTask 2では、与えられた質問に適切に答えることが求められますが、そのためには思考を整理することが必要だと考えています。この記事では、自分がどのように筋道を立ててエッセイを作っているのかを文章にしています。

Topic Question

In a number of countries, some people think it is necessary to spend large sums of money on constructing new railway lines for very fast trains between cities. Others believe the money should be spent on improving existing public transport.

Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.




  1. 都市間を速く移動するために、新しい電車(線路)の建設に多額の投資をすることが必要
  2. (新しいものを建設するよりも)既存の公共交通機関を改良するためにお金を投資するべき


  • より速く走る電車は、生活をより効率的で快適なものにする
  • 日本では、長時間の通勤と、満員電車のせいで人々は疲弊しているので、
  • 新しい電車の開発をすることで、上記のような問題を解決できるのではないか
  • 既存の交通機関は、改良する余地がたくさん残っている
  • (改良できるポイントの例)電車で仕事をするスペースを作ること
  • 実際、日本ではいくつかの会社がWiFiや電源を既存の電車に設置することでワーキングスペースを確保する施策をしている
  • 結果的に、快適な旅(通勤)を提供することが可能になる





The need for more convenient ways of transportation has been increasing nowadays. However, there is a debate whether it is better to invest a large amount of money in building new fast-track train systems or improving current transportation systems. I believe that people should think about what they can do for current transportation systems before making big investment decisions for new systems.

(Body 1: 新しい電車の建設に多額の投資をするべき理由)

Building new fast-train systems probably makes life more efficient and convenient. In Japan, it is common for people to take one hour or more to commute by train, and usually, trains are fully packed during rush hours, which is so time-consuming and tiring at the same time. The introduction of fast-track train systems, however, could eliminate these problems as people can move more quickly and comfortably.

(Body 2: 既存の交通機関の改良にお金を使うべき理由)

Nevertheless, there is a claim that money should be spent improving current public transportation systems instead of building new ones. One of the arguments is that there is more room to improve current transportation. For example, the major obstacle to existing public transportation in Japan is that people cannot work on trains. With this, some companies propose developing working spaces in conventional trains, allowing people to access Wi-Fi, power source, and individual seats. This kind of improvement may help people commute more comfortably with the current systems.


In conclusion, although people long for cutting-edge transportation systems, such as fast trains, there is still so much to do for current ones. In my view, companies can remodel and update old ones so that people can commute more comfortably.

(255 Words)


・eliminate : ~を取り除く

・conventional : 従来の

・cutting edge : 最先端の

・remodel : ~を改造(改作)する


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