IELTSライティングTask 2 サンプル解答#1


Topic Question

In some countries, owning a home rather than renting one is very important for people.

Why might this be the case?

Do you think this is a positive or negative situation?

(IELTS 15 Cambridge)


It is true for some countries that the ownership of a home is crucial. In this essay, the reason for people buying their own homes will be explained. And, I believe that this is mostly a positive trend.  

Firstly, the reason why it is important for people to buy their own homes is because their houses become their own assets that will be cash convertible in the future. In countries where populations are growing and economic development is occurring, the value of the real estate tends to be higher as time goes by. Therefore, when people reach their retirement ages, the value of their property can be higher than the original prices, which will be a large amount of income for most people.

Some people would say that there is a risk of ownership due to the housing price crash. Still, I believe that owning a home can be a positive trend. It is because ownership can give people a sense of security, not only an economic advantage. If you own your property, you can choose whatever option suits you as an owner, such as living there or renting one to others. Yet, if you are renting a home, the right to decide is the landlord’s. Therefore, there is always a risk of being evicted or the rent increases. With ownership, you can make use of your home in whatever way you want to and that puts you in a more comfortable situation.

To sum up, owning a home is very important for people nowadays. It is because people can enjoy the price appreciation of their investment as well as giving a sense of security to owners of house. Although there may be a chance of the prices declining, it is still better to own your home.

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序文では、質問のパラフレーズを行います。例えば、owning a homeはownership of a homeに変え、importantをcrucialに変えています。そして、このエッセイで自分が話す論点を説明します。ここではthe reason for people buying their own homes(持ち家派の理由)と、自分自身の立場はそれをポジティブと捉えるという立場(つまり持ち家に賛成)を明確にしています。


論点②は、自分の意見を述べています。ここで使ったテクニックとしては、自分の「ポジティブ」という立場を明確にするために、あえて一文目に反対意見を持ってきています。”Some people would say that there is a risk of ownership due to the housing price crash.”(何人かの人は持ち家価格が急落するというリスクを指摘するかもしれない。)




・sense of security 安心感

・landlord 家主・大家

・evict ~を立ち退きさせる

・price appreciation 価格の上昇